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General information about Altai Region

  • Altai Region has two natural reserves that form the Unesco world heritage site "Golden Mountains". Here you will find unique landscapes, great fauna, local traditions and ancient receipts


Warnings and Dangers visiting Altai Region

  • Make sure you carry your passport with you.

  • Tap water is not drinkable

  • Travelling to the rural area take cash with you, no cards are accepted in the rural area

Filming permits for filming Altai Region

  • Filming permits are required for filming at the Natural reserve areas. Plan 2-3 weeks for getting the permits issued.


Key locations and landmarks in Altai Region

  • Denisova cave 

  • Snow leopards

  • Argali sheep

  • Nomadic tribes

  • Deer blood and antlers substance baths

  • Peloid

Filming equipment rental in Altai Region

  • No professional filming equipment rental is possible in Barnaul or Gorno-Altaisk. The only thing possible to find locally is a generator or some walkie-talkies. All the filming equipment has to be brought from Moscow or Saint Petersburg

How to get to Altai Region

  • The only way to get to Altai region is to take a flight with a connection in Moscow

Transport services in Altai Region

  • We can provide you with all the transport needed for your production at the Altai region. Vans, buses, trucks, etc.

Our services in Altai Region

  • Our production managers will gladly help you to organize your filming at the Altai region. We have experienced fixers that have great production experience in the area. We will realize the location scouting, will get the needed filming permits and will plan the logistics for your production.

Contact us at

More information about filming at the Altai Republic can be found at our partner website Filmspb.TV

Filming with a drone the blue pond in Altai
Filming the sky blue vulcanic pond close to Aktash village in Altai
Altai filming
Filming in Altai
Altai natural reserve filming
Altai nature filming
Altai golden mountains filming
Denisova cave filming
Altain mountains
English speaking film crew in Altai, Russia
Filming pond in Altai region
Amazing filming locations at Altai region
Traveling with filming purposes to Altai republic in Russia
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