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General information about Krasnoyarsk

  • One of the largest cities in Siberia and the city. A very important junction on the Trans-Siberian railway. The sportive center of Siberia.

  • Time zone: UTC +7

  • Temperature in winter: average low -20C (from October till April negative temperatures with lots of snow)

  • Temperature in summer: +10 C

Warnings and Dangers

  • If you visit Krasnoyarsk during winter please keep in mind that starting from November the temperature can easily drop down under -30C. Take with you thermo wear and plan your filming accordingly.

  • Make sure you always carry your passport with you.

  • Stray dogs can be a menace in some abandoned industrial areas of the city.

  • Tap water is not drinkable

Filming permits for filming Krasnoyarsk

  • A small filming crew can freely film at the streets of Krasnoyarsk if they are not blocking the traffic and not disturbing the pedestrians. For filming factory buildings is required a filming permit from the owner of the factory.

  • Important! The hydroelectric dam of Krasnoyarsk can be filmed from the shore, but the bridge that is next to the dam shouldn't be in frame.

  • We strongly recommend someone Russian-speaking to be with the crew during the entire filming for evading misunderstandings with local authorities.

Key locations and landmarks in Krasnoyarsk

  • Hydroelectric dam on Yenisei river

  • Nature reserve "Stolbi"

  • Multiple abandoned factories and industrial plants

  • Yenisey river 

  • Untouched nature just some 100-150 km from the city


Our company can propose you some exclusive filming locations in Krasnoyarsk:


  • One of the largest abandoned factories in the city

  • A huge abandoned pulp and paper mill with abandoned trains and railroads

  • Long and empty roads to show Siberia

  • Part of the trans-Siberian train itinerary

Filming equipment rental in Krasnoyarsk

  • Sadly the city has almost no local TV production. In Krasnoyarsk are available for rental basic lights (Dedolight kit), some grip for DSLR cameras, generators, sound equipment. All other things have to be brought from St Petersburg or Moscow.

Transport services in Krasnoyarsk

We can provide you new Mercedes Sprinter vans (20 seats) for production needs.

How to get to Krasnoyarsk

  • Direct flights to Krasnoyarsk from: Baku, Beijing, Harbin, Brno, Augsburg, Bishkek, Dushanbe, Bangkok, Tashkent.

  • Flying to Krasnoyarsk from all other cities we recommend choosing a connection flight through Moscow or Saint Petersburg, especially if you are brining into the country filming equipment using the Carnet system.

Our services in Krasnoyarsk

  • Our company has local fixers who can help to get film permits in Krasnoyarsk and to find interesting filming locations in the area. Our contacts with local theatres and clubs help us realizing castings in the Krasnoyarsk area

  • We realized multiple complex filming projects in the area and will gladly help you advising good local hotels and facilitating the logistics. On request, we can bring to Krasnoyarsk the best professionals from Moscow or Saint-Petersburg - steadicam operators, crane operators, cameraman, etc.

  • We can realize a location scouting and send you a complete report on the locations that are available and that  fit to your requirements

  • We will prepare for you a transparent budget in your currency

Wide empty roads in Siberia
Filming abandoned factories in Russia
Frozen nature in Siberia
Filming polar aviation
Filming abandoned factory in Krasnoyarsk
Filming an abandoned factory in Russia
Frozen nature in Siberia
Amazing krasnoyarsk
Yenisei river amazing view
Soviet architecture in Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Abandoned industrial plants in Siberia
Abandoned factory in Krasnoyarsk available for filming
Industrial landscapes in Krasnoyarsk Siberia
Steadicam filming in Siberia
Bridge over Yenisei river
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