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General information about Saint Petersburg

  • Saint Petersburg is the second big city in Russia. It's considered to be the cultural capital of Russia and the most European city of the country

  • The local time zone is UTC +3

  • Winter average temperature: -12 C

  • Summer average temperature: +18 C

Warnings and Dangers for Saint Petersburg

  • Make sure you always carry your passport with you.

  • In summer all the bridges in the central part of the city will be open so it will be almost impossible to get to the other side of the river Neva. Plan your nights carefully!

  • Tap water is not drinkable

  • When you google some information about the city - doublecheck that it's not about the town Saint Petersburg in Florida!

Filming permits for filming Saint Petersburg

  • You can film at most streets and public places of Saint Petersburg without applying for special permissions. Nevertheless, we recommend you to have a local administrator, production manager or interpreter for communicating with local authorities or policemen.

  • For filming inside palaces, museums, mansions and cathedrals you need to get a permit from the committee of culture of Saint Petersburg and from the administration of the exact location. Plan 2-3 weeks for the permit-getting procedure.

Key film locations and landmarks in St Petersburg

  • Winter Palace (the Hermitage), Russian Museum, St. Isaac cathedral, Peter and Paul fortress, Cathedral on spilled blood, Kazan Cathedral, Palace square, Smolny cathedral, battleship Aurora, Nikolsky cathedral, the rivers and canals of St Petersburg, Admiralty, Nevsky prospekt, Peterhof, Catherine palace


Our company can propose you some exclusive filming locations in Saint Petersburg:


  • A real battle fort of the XIX century 

  • LOMO factory museum (we know how to get filming permits there) 

  • The metro of Saint Petersburg (Yes, we can get you a permit to film underground)

Equipment rental in Saint Petersburg

  • Within 24 hours we can provide you the rental of any kind of filming equipment

  • Sound studio in Saint Petersburg, green screen studio, pavilions, steadycam, etc.

  • Cameras, lenses, tripods, cranes, sound equipment, lights, dolly, and many other things


Terms and conditions: you can rent the equipment with a technician from the rental house or leaving a cash deposit that equals to the costs of the rented equipment

How to get to Saint Petersburg

  • Direct flights to Saint Petersburg from: Minsk, Vilnius, Tivat, Riga, Stockholm, Baku, Copenhagen, Tel Aviv, Vienna, Almaty, Tallinn, London, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Oslo, Seoul, Beijing, Athens, Prague, Helsinki, Milan, Rome, Naples, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Warsaw, Zurich, Bangkok

  • Direct Trains to Saint Petersburg from: Tallinn, Helsinki, Riga

  • Ferry to Saint Petersburg: Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallinn

Transport services in Saint Petersburg

  • Vans (6-22 places), Buses, Cars are available for rental on a daily and hourly basis. All our drivers have a great production experience and know how to work with film crews.

  • Our exclusive proposal: We can provide a driver who is not talkative, not listening to music while driving your crew,  who stays with the vehicle and who is visible only when you need him. 

Our services in Saint Petersburg

Our head office is situated in Saint Petersburg. We can provide you a full range of production services.


  • Hire a fixer or find a production manager 

  • Rent any kind of filming equipment in Saint Petersburg

  • Rent transport and get production support

  • Organize castings of any complexity

  • Get help with a visa and get through customs.


We can provide you the best professionals available on the market of Saint Petersburg: cameraman, soundman, gaffer, crane or drone operators, etc.


We will prepare for you a 100% transparent budget in your currency.

Filming place at St Isaac cathedral
Smolniy cathedral at night
Winter palace across the water
Place for a panoramic in Saint Petersburg
Spilled blood cathedral filming point
Cool soviet architecture
Rivers and canals of Saint Petersburg
Russian winter in saint petersburg
Filming in Mikhailovskiy theatre
Cool soviet architecture
Filming in Saint Petersburg metro
Filming at the artillery museum in Saint Petersburg
Helicopter filming Saint Petersburg
Filming inside the Amber Room in the Catherine's palace
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