General information about Yekaterinburg

  • Situated on the Ural Mountains this city is exactly in between Europe and Asia. A very important junction of the Trans-Siberian Railway. The old name - Sverdlovsk.

  • Time zone: UTC+5

  • Winter average temperature: -18 C

  • Summer average temperature: +19 C

Warnings and Dangers visiting Yekaterinburg

  • Make sure you carry your passport with you.

  • Tap water is not drinkable

Filming permits for filming Yekaterinburg and Ural mountains

  • Filming at the city of Yekaterinburg is possible without applying for special permits. Filming inside cathedrals, museums or mansions will require permits from local authorities. Estimate time 2-4 weeks

  • Filming at National parks and reserves requires getting a filming permit

Key locations and landmarks in Yekaterinburg

  • Church on the Blood 

  • The border of Europe and Asia

  • the church of Ascension

  • Ural Mineralogy Museum

  • Metal factories

  • Rural life museum

Filming equipment rental in Yekaterinburg

  • In Yekaterinburg, you can easily rent most equipment for DSLR cameras and some equipment for camcoders.

  • Lights and sound equipment are also easy to find in Yekaterinburg. Please send your rental requests 5-7 days in advance. Unfortunately, no equipment for Alexa cameras can be found in Yekaterinburg, you'll have to order it from Moscow or Saint Petersburg.

Transport services in Yekaterinburg

  • We can provide you with vans, buses and cars for rental for the whole production period.

How to get to Yekaterinburg

  • Direct international flights to Yekaterinburg from Dubai, Osh, Prague, Yerevan, Helsinki, Beijing

  • From all other international directions, we recommend flying through Moscow. If you travel with a Carnet for the filming equipment - you'll have to make the customs clearance in the first city you visit in Russia.

Our services in Yekaterinburg

  • We can provide you full-scale production support in the region.

  • Fixer services in Yekaterinburg, filming equipment rental, film permits, transport, accommodation, visa support, castings and everything else that a filming crew may need filming in Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk area or Ural mountains

Filming in Yeakterinburg key landmarks
Filming City Hall of Yekaterinburg
Filming Ural mountains
Rastorguev mansion in Yekaterinburg
Trans-Siberian Train on the railway close to Ural mountains
Rastorgueva mansion filming spot in Yekaterinburg
Riverside view Yekaterinburg
Ural mountains filming
Yekaterinburg at night
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