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Planning to film a trip on the Trans-Siberian Express? We can recommend many activities around the itinerary and will help you getting the needed permits.


A city situated in between Europe and Asia right on the Ural mountains. A nice place for straing your adventure in Russia!



Close to the polar circle you will find nomad reindeer herders that keep their traditions and welcome strangers. 


Altai Region

It's a place with incredible nature: National reserve "the Golden Mountains" with multiple breathtaking views and many beautiful lakes.




Here you will find the coldest place on earth, diamond mines and Yakut reindeer herders. MOre than enough for getting amazing footage from the region.


Irkutsk and Baikal Lake

The biggest sweet water lake in the world. One of the best places for feeling the might of nature.



The end of the Trans-Siberian express itinerary. An amazing port city on the Russian Pacific coast. 





One of the biggest cities in Siberia. A huge industrial centre with multiple natural landmarks and amazingly big abandoned factories that are waiting for being filmed.



The biggest city in Siberia. An important transport hub. Here starts the Siberian part of the "Trans-Siberian" express when you travel to the east. 



A great city for filiming! The hardest in Moscow is to get the filming permits. We can help you minimizing the paperwork!


Saint Petersburg

The most amazing Russian city. Palaces, Mansions, Museums and many other stunning filming locations!


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