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The work of a fixer in Russia differs from the same work in any other part of the world. First of all the bureaucracy level in Russia is incredibly high and sometimes at the first approach, it looks almost impossible to get an official "OK" for your project. A fixer in Russia has to know how to approach the clerks in a semi-informal way... any paperwork problem should be solved in a personal talk with the official and not during the formal interaction of an official and a supplicant. For a foreigner in Russia one of the biggest problems is the absolute unwillingness of any authority representative to speak English.


Second: a fixer in Russia should be capable of negotiating with alcoholics, aggressive "babushkas" and policeman.  When filming at the rural area or at some tricky places you should spend some time in talking with the locals for introducing yourself. It will save you a lot of precious production time in the future.  


Third: a fixer in Russia should know how to keep the crew safe due to extreme weather conditions in some regions in the country. For example: if you plan to film in winter in Siberia take 2 times the quantity of batteries you commonly use. With -30C the batteries die much faster. Also you'll need a thermo box for the lenses and other delicate equipment.


Summarizing, our fixers will get all the needed filming permits and will find for you in any city in Russia a busker with a balalaika and a bear on a bike. Please contact us and tell that you are not going to film these stereotype things being in Russia! 

We can provide you high class film services in Yakutsk, Irkutsk, Oymyakon, Kransoyarsk, Yeakterinburg, Yamal peninsula, Vladivostok and Novosibirsk. 

Filming in St petersburg
saint petersburg at winter
filming winter swimming in russia
filming at a stadium in russia
filming lake baikal fixer
Hovercraft filming in irkutsk
Filming un conference
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