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The head office of our company is situated in Saint Petersburg, but we have production managers throughout Siberia and fixers who can start making a location research within 24 hours. We can provide you prompt and informative answers from Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk (Baikal lake area), Yekaterinburg, Vladivostok and Moscow. Here you can find a description of the main filming areas in the country.


We will gladly answer your questions about the available locations throughout Siberia, in Moscow or in Saint Petersburg. We can send you a list of permits needed for the realization of your project with the prices for each filming location. For making complex projects our fixers can travel on location for making a complete report on the area and send you up to date photos of the locations that fit to your filming needs.


Some places that are amazing as filming locations may have some logistic limitations - e.g available only on hovercrafts or on helicopters, accessible only during winter, etc. Our location scouting report will include the recommendations on accommodation and transport in the area.


We can help you getting access to unique locations such as abandoned factories, remains of GULAG camps, nomad reindeer herder tribes or extinct mines in Siberia.


For filming in St Petersburg and Moscow we have a large location library that contains hundreds of places that are worth filming: mansions, palaces, museums, restaurants, castles, etc. Please let us know what exactly you plan to film and we'll let you know which permits are required and will give you an estimate of the prices.

Vladivostok filming
filming in Yakutia
filming in Irkutsk
filming in Salekhard
filming in Krasnoyarsk
St Isaac cathedral
peterhof in winter
filming in russia
locations and filming in russia
filming winter swimming in russia
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