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Depending on the exact filming locations we can help choosing the best accommodation option available in the area. Around lake Baikal or even in the middle of Kola peninsula (in the middle of nowhere) we are able to find a way to accommodate a crew of almost any size. In bigger cities we will gladly give you an advice about local hotels (traffic situation around, available storage place for the equipment, etc).




During city filmings we'll gladly help renting vans with professional drivers. For field filming and complex travel projects we can help you building up the logistics even if they include helicopters, hovercrafts and heavy army trucks.


Please provide us as much information as possible about the upcoming filming and we'll help you minimizing the transport and accommodation expenses.

Car in Siberia
Reindeer herders filming in Siberia
Renting a bus for filming in Russia
Special transport for filming in the Arctic region in Russia
Filming the transsiberian in Russia
Hovercraft filming in irkutsk
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