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For visiting Russia a filming crew from the UK, USA or EU will need getting visas. The kind of visa required for your crew members depends on what exactly and how you plan filming in Russia.


Types of Russian Visas for filming crews: Tourist Visa, Business Visa, Journalist Visa.


  • Tourist visa is more than enough if you plan filming some landmarks and you don't plan filming at places that require getting film permits.

  • If you plan getting filming permits for the name of your company and you plan to sign contracts or agreements while being in Russia - you should get the business visa.

  • If you plan visiting official or protocol events as a representative of any media - you should apply for a journalist visa.


If you have doubts on the kind of visa you need to get for filming in Russia - please feel free to e-mail us on and we'll answer you within 24 hours.





The most important thing about customs - you can bring into Russia filming equipment using the Carnet ATA. The possibility of using the Carnet doesn't depend on the kind of Russian visa you have.

Our recommendation is to enter into the country through St Petersburg or through Moscow as customs here are more familiar with Carnets. If you have any doubt about customs clearance in Russia - please feel free to e-mail us on We'll consult our customs broker and will get back to you as soon as possible.



If you don't want to undertake the customs clearance procedure - please feel free to contact us for renting all the required filming equipment locally

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