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Buryatia and Lake Baikal area filming for TvN and Netflix. Bulgasal: Immortal souls. Part 2

Early 2021 our crew was hired for the filming or the South Korean Drama "Bulgasal: Immortal souls". The filming in Russia consisted of two main parts. One was filmed at Altai Republic - you will find the description here. The other part was filmed around lake Baikal in Buryatia and in the Irkutsk region.

Filming in the Irkutsk region in Russia at a national reserve
Filming in winter in Irkutsk region in Siberia

Our crew first made the scouting and then travelled south-west from Irkutsk, following the Irkut river, entering the Tunkinsky national reserve and moving further to Munku Sardyk - the highest peak of Sayan mountains. Other locations visited during our filming in the area were the lake Ilchir, the canyon of Black Irkut river, Okinskoe plato and the lake Tunku-Nur.

wildlife filming in siberia with all the required permits
Production services in Irkutsk and around Lake Baikal

The equipment used for this filming was an Arri Alexa mini camera with Angenieux lenses, a DJI Inspire 2 drone with the x5s camera. The equipment was brought from St Petersburg.

All the crew was russian, we were following a mood board sent by the customer, that included references from the studio to fit the required angles.

Filming with an Arri Alexa in Siberia
Filming Sayan mountains, Irkutsk region, Russia
Fixer services for filming in Irktusk and around lake Baikal

Please enjoy the result of the filming on Netflix.

Here's our crew that took part in this project:

Please contact us to prepare your project in Russia.

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