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Filming at the lake Baikal for TUDN (Univision Deportes Network)

Fixers from our company were in charge of a complex filming for TUDN network in more than 15 Russian cities. The siberian part of the filming resulted one of the most exciting on the visual part. The itinerary of the filming was: Landing in Irkutsk, driving to Goloustnoe village to visit a Malamut farm, travelling to Olkhon Island, filming at the Baikal small sea area, visiting Khuzhir and driving back to Irkutsk.

We covered many local activities to show the real Russian winter. Riding snow sledges with dogs, camping on the ive of the lake, filming a local schaman during a ceremony of thanksgiving to local spirits and waiting for the sunrise in the middle of the lake Baikal.

Filming Malamut dog sledges riding in Irkutsk and lake Baikal
Filming around lake Baikal in spring
Filming winter fishing at the lake Baikal
Filming a ceremony by a local schaman in Buryatia at the lake Baikal

We got all the required permits from the national reserves and from the local authorities in Irkutsk region. It took a while to get the drone flight permits, but we always prefer to make all the filming activities legal.

Hovercraft usage at lake Baikal for filming purposes
Permits for legal drone filming at the lake Baikal

The result of the filming was totally great. Please enjoy:

And contact us for filming around the lake Baikal in Russia.

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