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Filming at the Arctic region a documentary for Sky News Arabia about climate change

Our crew was hired for the realization of a filming in the Russian Arctic about the global climate changes and how they affect different regions. Due to COVID restrictions the customer wasn't able to visit the filming.

We suggested as the location for the filming - Nenetsky region as it's an area not really known abroad. Vaste tundra and permafros areas make this region very intersting. It's one of the places in Russia where nomadic reindeer herders still keep their traditional way of living.

During the production we had a hard time accessing the herders habitad, as the tundra wasn't yet frozen. Thanks to our strong local contacts we managed to hire an ATV. But even it got stuck in the swamp.

Visiting the reindeer herders is always great. Literally another world.

And filming at amazing locations at the northenmost accessible place or the region - the shore of the Pechora sea.

Please enjoy the result of the filming:

...and some backstage photos from this filming at the russian arctic.

For filming at the Arctic region of Russia - please contact us. Our fixers are ready to help you!

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