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Filming in Krasnoyarsk and Irkutsk region for Vice

Our production company was hired for the realization of a project about modern siberian electronic music. Our fixers were in charge of getting the filming permits for Irkutsk region and Krasnoyarsk. The project had episodes filmed at the lake Baikal, at private houses, abandoned factories and on rural roads.

A well-planned scouting in Krasnoyarsk allowed us to discover locations that never were filmed: An abandoned heavy truck factory, an old port area that belongs to a factory and is not in use for over 30 years and a soviet lumber mill. Locations that are worth flying to Siberia!

In Irkutsk and around the lake Baikal the filming took place at locations with great views and places that could show the magic of Sibera.

Our production company provided the support with the importation of the filming equipment to Russia.

We organized the logistics of the project, including local flights, trains and special vehicles for the facilitation of the production in Irkutsk.

The fixers from Irkutsk organized heated tents during the filming in the wild, the presence of Emercom experts for the risk assesment of the filming and the presence of a paramedic when filming at extremely low temperatures.

The whole project ended with a huge concert at the Modern Art museum of Krasnoyarsk.

Contact us to build up your filming in Krasnoyarsk!

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