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Filming at Altai region in Russia_edited_edited
Filming a shaman in Siberia

Filming in Siberia?  Filming in Russia?

Let our fixers help you: 

we do the things that others love watching!

About us


We are an experienced TV production company in Russia that can provide you with the best production services in the country. Highest quality production standards: transparency at all the production stages, effective and highly professional crew members (fixers, location managers, scouts, production managers) and ability to implement your ideas in an amazing filming experience in Russia.  


Our specialization is filming in difficult climatic conditions throughout Siberia. We know how to ensure the safety and security of the filming crew and to get unique footage from exclusive locations that are hard to access. We can help you filming nomadic tribes, shamans, reindeer herders, untouched nature and many wonders that can become the pearl of your movie or TV show. We can consult you on any production stage and give you an exact risk assessment for your production in Russia. We work with local fixers in Irkutsk, Yakutsk, Krasnoyarsk, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Kazan and Vladivostok. 



We do the things that others love watching!

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Fixers in different cities throughout Russia


TV shows filmed in Russia with

our help


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Very good filmshoot in St. Petersburg. Scouting, timing, locations, permits, all sorted out very well. This company more than matched expectations. 

Rasmus Stolzenberg

... a fixer on a nine day shoot in Siberia, filming in Irkutsk and Krasnoyarsk in very cold (-27ºC) and difficult creative conditions. He was the best fixer we could ask for in Russia. Promptly helped us with customs, internal flights, filming permits, recces, location drivers and a number of other H&S and logistical aspects of the shoot. A success! Can recommend enough.

Jacob Thomas

This production team helped us with a documentary project we shot in Russia, we were a small crew from London and without their help we wouldn't have had the same results. They are an organized team, who have a great knowledge of production work, they were highly efficient with our tight schedule and flexible with the common changes of filming a documentary project.

Sarv Ghazanfar

We were doing multiple filmings throughout Russia. The complete list and other recommendations you can find here



Head office

196244 Tipanova str., 

St Petersburg, Russia


Ways to contact us:



Phone: +7 904 601 22 32 

WhatsApp: +7 904 601 22 32





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